About Me

About the Artist


A designer at heart, whose passion, is to wow the eye. Lakeya Johnson developed a love for designing two years ago. It was like your typical love story, where the Man and Woman locked eyes and were drawn together “Madly in love”. There was just a connection that was unstoppable.  In it all started in 2009 when she attended City Tech University (link), to study Computer Systems technology. Honestly she went to earn a Associates Degree to become a Police Officer that was her main focus. However, later on in the semester at City Tech that’s where she found her love “Graphic Design”. I believe it was a divine assignment for her to attend City Tech. If not the thought of being a Designer for Lakeya would of not existed.

 Lakeya, later transfer to Kingsborough Community College (link) where she furthers her education in learning Graphic Design, in 2012 she earn her Associates Degree in Graphic design. As the Hungry for designing grew she Attend York College for the Fall semester continuing her education in Graphics. At York College she is pursuing to earn her Bachelor’s Degree Class of 2014. She have had an opportunity to practice her Designing skills over the years doing Graphics For her Church ministry and other various ministries.

Such as

·         Providing graphics for a show on cable television The Word Network,

·          Providing graphics for websites, Facebook, twitter and more…

·         Flyer, logos and other professional marketing

 Also, some commercial local Print and Design companies, Internship with Kingsborough Community College Print shop and tons of freelancing designs over thirty plus clienteles. She has already started to climb that high mountain in the graphic field. The resume is currently extending and with the knowledge she is gain from York College I know it her resume will grow greater.


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