Final Post

Final Project

Storytelling to me is sharing about  a event or knowledge of something..expressing and giving a description of a story.It means a lot to me now to learn how to share information for future and networking with other for connections. It allows me to expound on information about myself or what I learned. For example the blog it exemplifies the work I did and partake in and I was telling a story using projects we did in class.

Intro-video  has made me become more open minded about sharing my work and being inspired by others. However, I was not into blogging before the class, reviewing the requirements it stretched me a little to be more active and involved with the blogging world. I felt like it opened me mind up in a positive way.

My best work I would say my final project doing the minimalist posters. It was simple and straight to the point. And the super-cut project

For the future students look forward to a great class that provokes your to stay on top of your toes. A class where you have to learn for yourself, how it would be in the real world. The key google it’s lol. However I believe you will find much benefit in this class..

If I had the option to be in charge of the class, I would revamp the amount of assignments given.I would recommend two assignments  once a week. It was a bit of a struggle but yet fair because the class only met once a week. But that would be all!


One response to “Final Post

  1. I’m glad you came through with some better and better work toward the end. And very happy that you’ve found something in the need to share your work. Whether it’s through blogging or other means, it’s really important to find a way to get your work out there. And it’s also important to try and contextualize it with some writing about your process and the work itself.

    Keep putting your awesome design work out there, and keep pushing yourself with different media as well. I loved the posters.

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